Community Supported Agriculture


Community Supported Agriculture is a system that connects people
 to an environmentally responsible source of food from a local farm.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a system that connects people to an environmentally responsible source of food from a local farm. CSA�s are instrumental in re-developing a local and regional supply of healthy food and in supporting a strong local economy. Being an owner in a CSA encourages land stewardship and a sense of community. Community Supported Agriculture is a way to bring fresh, high quality local meats from our farm to you on a weekly basis. As a member in our farm subscription, you own a share of the harvest and by doing so, participate in growing your own food. You also are an advocate for sustainability by helping us to utilize all of the different cuts of meat which is the backbone of sustainability in farming. CSA members make a commitment to support the farm throughout the season, and assume the costs, risks and bounty of growing food along with us. Becoming a member creates a responsible relationship between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it. Shares can be picked up at several convenient locations on the designated day and time. Home or work delivery may also be an option - contact us for details on delivery.


1. You benefit by receiving a monthly box of of grass-fed chicken, lamb, beef and pork. As a member, you experience first- hand how your food is grown, and learn about the risks involved.

2. We benefit because members pay for their share up front, which helps us determine how many animals to raise, and helps cover the costs of raising the animals, maintaining the breeding herds, planting of food for animals, labor, equipment and supplies. It also ensures that we'll have regular customers and therefore helps our farm survive into the next generation.

3. The environment benefits because of the practices that we incorporate into our farming system. Firstly, we don�t use synthetic pesticides or herbicides, nor commercial fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers don�t contain the micronutrients that create healthy soils. They contain only nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Fossil fuels are used in the production of commercial fertilizers. The nutrients, and micronutrients, one needs from our food have to come from the soil. If they are not replenished, the soil and anything that grows in it becomes deficient. We rotate the animals through our pastures. This helps to fertilize them to reduce insects and weeds. We also fertilize the land with compost from our lambing barn and chicken brooders. All of this works biodynamically to create healthy soils thereby allowing us to produce foods that are higher in essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients than what you find in the grocery store. Because you are buying locally grown food you are helping to support the re-birth of local food systems. You are also reducing the use of fossil fuels whereas food that is bought in grocery stores travels an average of 1500 miles before reaching the consumer.


Our Meat CSA has a rolling admissions policy and there are still spots left!
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